The Maudsley Training programme has always had a reputation for encouraging research and opinion leaders in Psychiatry; indeed most senior academics in the UK have either trained working at the Maudsley/IoPPN or been involved in research collaboration with us.

Trainees can become involved in an academic programme as undergraduates or at any stage
of their postgraduate training. Clinical trainees have access to the facilities of the IoPPN and through the taught components of the MRCPsych course will gain an understanding of research methodologies and project design and will be able to search the BRC project repository for examples of projects and potential supervisors.

The Integrated Academic Training (IAT) programme provides opportunities for protected academic time for young psychiatrists who wish to develop careers in academia. These posts
are part of a national scheme coordinated by NIHR and will form the basis of a specific
academic track within our rotation. We have the largest number of psychiatry IAT posts of
any scheme in the country.

An advantage of an affiliation to the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience and the AHSC of KHP is that it enables access to both informal and formal training in research. At the informal level there is a regular program of lectures and events featuring speakers ranging from junior researchers to internationally renowned leaders in their field. There is also the opportunity to take part in NIHR funded short courses in research methodology and credit bearing courses.

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