South London & Maudsley Forensic Training Programme currently spreads across SLaM with four higher training posts; Oxleas with four higher training programmes; Trevor Gibbens Unit in Kent with two higher training programmes, Ashen Hill MSU in Sussex with one higher training programme and four posts at Broadmoor.

The rotation offers a three year training programme for the core skills and training of a forensic psychiatrist to be developed. It is an exciting rotation with various placements on the scheme. We offer an experience in maximum security at Broadmoor, there are two excellent prisons attached to the rotation and in addition to this there is experience in community, court diversion, women’s services, personality disorder services and acute and rehabiliative medium security. There is an excellent academic programme at the IOP on a Friday morning and also the opportunity to do one of the two MScs:

1) MSc in Clinical Forensic Psychiatry

2) MSc in Forensic Mental Health

Dr. Tim McInerney is educational lead for Forensic in SLaM based at River House.

Dr. Sean White is Training Programme Director based at South West London & St. Georges.

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Older Adult
Child & Adolescent
Learning Disabilities


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