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Training Programme Director: Dr Ruth Cairns

Individualisation, flexibility and comprehensiveness are guiding principle of the Old Age Psychiatry Higher training rotation. There are currently 15 posts for Higher (ST) training in Old Age psychiatry between SLaM and Oxleas Trusts within the geographical area of South East London. All posts have the support of a core trainee or similar. Academic old age psychiatric trainees also gain their clinical experience through some of these posts.

The SLaM higher training scheme provides excellent opportunity for essential aspects of Old Age Psychiatry including, Community, Inpatient, Liaison and the Memory service over three years.  Trainees have a ring fenced study/research day in which they are actively encouraged to pursue their research interests under the supervision of world class experts in their respective fields. We expect that every trainee who comes to work within the services provided by the Mental Health of Older Adults and Dementia Clinical Academic Group will participate in research under supervision. Opportunities are present for every degree of participation; from recruiting patients to trials through to registration for a PhD or MD. There is an active Calman Day programme which all trainees are expected to attend. In addition there are local teaching programmes.


Individual training needs and wishes are taken into account and there is scope for gaining experience in aspects of general psychiatry. In addition, every attempt is made to provide the trainee the opportunity to follow their areas of special interest. There is abundant scope for gaining teaching experience as many posts have a 4th year undergraduate student placement in the department, from King’s College medical school.

Enrolling for a Postgraduate qualification in education, management, research and other areas are positively encouraged and funding may be available.  There is active management training provided by the IoP. Additional management training is obtained through participation in Medical Advisory Committee, shadowing medical and non -medical managers and through getting involved in audit and service evaluation projects.


“On call” experience is provided through a rota based within the localities and provides for broad based, and generic experience as required by RCPsych.

Trainees have easy access to the TPD and the rotation is administered through close collaboration between trainers, academics and researchers and the TPD.

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