Extreme psychiatry

Extreme Psychiatry is an innovative teaching course for Year 3 King’s College London medical students. It is a voluntary, extracurricular course aimed at students who find psychiatry difficult, as well as those students who are simply keen or interested in psychiatry. The aim is to teach all who apply, but have limited spaces, so we prioritise students who are struggling.

The Extreme Psychiatry team believe that mental health is everyone’s business, and all doctors should be confident and competent to deal with the mind, no matter what they do to the body. The aim is to improve communication skills and confidence in psychiatry, whilst decreasing the stigma around mental illness. Clearly if the teaching attracts students into psychiatry that is a bonus, but the hope is that all students can be helped to become confident to talk about mental health problems with their patients, wherever they end up – be it surgery, medicine, general practice or pathology.



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