KCLSoM Student Psychotherapist Scheme

This is a psychodynamic psychotherapy scheme for Kings College London years 3 & 4 medical students.

The scheme gives medical students the unique opportunity to deliver psychotherapy to one patient for an extended period of time, improve their communication skills, develop a therapeutic relationship, learn to understand their patients’ emotions and their own.

Students will see patients recruited through outpatient departments at Kings College Hospital. These patients usually have a chronic physical illness and are unlikely to have a psychiatric diagnosis but deemed in need and appropriate for psychotherapy. They may be struggling with coming to terms with their illness, dealing with symptoms and pain, difficult life events including loss, and mild anxiety and depression.

This scheme is an extended SSC (1 unit).

The commitment is for 9 months to one year, depending on how long a patient is seen for, and the commitment will be once weekly when having only seminars/supervision, and twice weekly once seeing your patient as well as having supervision.
For further details and application, please visit the link below

KCLSoM Student Psychotherapist Scheme

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