Recognition of Teaching Scheme (RoT)

The RoT scheme provides motivating Psychiatry teaching for GKT medical students within a supportive “teach the teacher” environment.

Dynamic teaching seminars are provided by enthusiastic Core Trainee (CT) Psychiatry doctors who have recent experience with OSCEs and learning early psychiatric skills.

More senior Speciality Trainee (ST) Psychiatry doctors observe the session and support the Core Trainee’s development of educational skills.

Why we exist?
The RoT hopes to create a culture of striving for continued development on the core skills required to meet clinical governance standards around teaching.
GMC good medical practice reports that “doctors must teach their peers and medical and other health and social care students under guidance, if required to do so, using appropriate skills and methods.
Also, contribute to the appraisal assessment or review of students and other colleagues they work with.”

CT Information:
Practice delivering small group teaching to medical students.
Revise topics you’re less familiar with and reinforce your learning by teaching others.
Collect feedback from students to guide your future teaching and to enhance your portfolio.
Complete a WPBA - Assessment of Teaching (AoT) to enhance your portfolio.
Make links with STs involved with or interested in Clinical Education.
Help develop MBBS teaching at KCL and encourage future psychiatrists!

Responsibilities involve:
Complete a supplied pre-observation form, ideally 48 hours before your allocated session and share with the observing ST doctor.
Deliver a topic based psychiatry teaching session to a small group of KCL medical students under observation of an ST doctor.
Receive structured feedback (via a supplied post-observation form) from the ST doctor regarding your teaching performance and complete an Assessment of Teaching (AoT) with the ST doctor for your portfolio.

ST Information:
Development of observational and feedback skills (not just delivering another PPT!) under an established teaching scheme.
Network with CT colleagues.
Develop CTs into better, more competent teachers and via your feedback help develop MBBS teaching at KCL with encourage future psychiatrists!

Responsibilities involve:
Observing the teaching session.
Completing a supplied step-by-step feedback form for the CT doctor on their teaching abilities.
Completing an online Assessment of Teaching (AoT) form for the CT’s portfolio.

Medical Student Information:
Weekly teaching delivered by CTs to complement the KCL central teaching and ward experiences.
Interactive and scenario-based to help prepare you for exams and foundation training.
The chance for you to ask any questions that may pop up during your psychiatry rotation in a friendly environment.
Potential for a mock-OSCE at the end of year.

Usual Teaching Topics:
History & MSE
Mood Disorders
Substance Misuse and Addictions
Dementia & Cognitive Impairment
Anxiety Disorders
Personality Disorders
Assessing Risk: Suicide and Self-Harm

When and Where (see “File Storage” above for up to date schedules):
Maudsley/Southwark:          Friday, Guy’s Campus
Bethlem:                                              Friday, Denmark Hill
Lewisham:                                           Friday, Ladywell Unit

RoT File Storage:
Contacts for Committee members and Local Leads.
Teaching Schedule
Observation Forms and other helpful documents

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