CASC Teaching

Monthly sessions are offered to third year trainees to develop their skills in preparation for the CASC exam. These are run by consultants and senior trainees and focus explicitly on tips and techniques required to negotiate the CASC exam successfully.

In addition every 6 months a mock CASC exam is run for trainees a month prior to the College exam. This attempts to mimic the real exam as closely as possible and has been highly valued by trainees. The exam uses experienced actors in the mock stations and senior clinical staff as examiners. Detailed feed back is given to candidates.


2016 update: Maudsley Training Scheme Core Trainees achieved pass rates of 83% at the January 2016 sitting and 84% at the September 2016 CASC sitting. The National Trainee Pass Rates were 61% and 73% respectively.


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Lectures & Seminars
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