Trainee feedback for the Core teaching is highly regarded and we are very proud to receive a consistently overwhelming majority of ‘excellent’ ratings. All constructive comments are taken on-board however to help mould future teaching; we consider all feedback to be useful for achieving and maintaining our high standards.


Examples of recent Trainee comments:

  • “What a stellar talk - a rich mix of evidence from research/literature together with a personal, clinical experience and perspective.”

  • “The speaker doesn't just know the topic, he clearly understands the nuance of the topic, you get the feeling of many years of reflection and internalisation of the topic. Was a pleasure to listen to.”

  • “The reason I went into psychiatry - for a talk like this! THANK YOU!”

  • “The presenters passion and genuine interest in the material shines through. Very good!”

  • “Highly relevant for exams and well delivered, thanks.”

  • “Paper-B perfect. Clear, concise, relevant. Spot on.”

  • “The speaker demonstrates an admirable range and depth of knowledge.”

  • “Really excellent talk; engaging and pacey, covered lots of clinically relevant information as well as 'theoretical' basis which will come up in exams. Thank you so much.”

  • “This was totally brilliant. Linking epidemiology with aetiology did make it fascinating! Really helpful & clear. Well paced. So great to have such an eminent professor who is such a great lecturer too.”

  • “Brilliant, thank you! So clear, interesting, helpful and fascinating - and filled with so many relevant facts - learnt so much.”

  • “Brilliant presentation about an important facet of our work, very clearly and coherently delivered.”

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