Trainee feedback for the Core teaching is highly regarded and we are very proud to receive a consistently overwhelming majority of ‘Good’ and ‘Excellent’ ratings. All constructive comments are taken on-board however to help mould future teaching; we consider all feedback to be useful for achieving and maintaining our high standards.

Spring 2015 Feedback Results:


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Examples of Trainee comments from 2015 :

  • “Fantastic use of real clinical examples. Engaging presenter.”

  • “Beautifully presented and thought provoking.”

  • “I feel extremely privileged to have received teaching from Prof Michael Rutter. Many thanks. I enjoyed the passion of the speaker.”

  • “Fantastic lecture with great relevance and up-to-date research.”

  • “Really engaging, fun take on a potentially impenetrable topic.”

  • “Service user involvement very valuable, thanks.”

  • “Very, very interesting. Very well delivered.”

  • “Absolutely fantastic and engaging lecture. Very relevant. Perfectly pitched and delivered.”

  • “Very interesting. Really well presented. Good videos. Very memorable. Scan and research papers were also good – just right amount of info.”

  • “Excellent, very useful, exam focussed, clinically relevant. Please can we have a lot more lectures like this!”

  • “Awesome, succinct, great examples.”

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