Assessments – Clinical, Academic and Management Competencies

Trainee assessments across the spectrum of post-graduate training are now competency based, assessing a trainee’s clinical performance (on-the-job) across a range of skills.

Central to this is the range of Royal College workplace based assessments (WPBAs), which are essentially a range of directly observed clinical encounters which are assessed and the trainee is given feedback as to areas for development.

At the Maudsley we emphasise the importance of formative assessments – that is, they are designed to help the trainee develop, they are not there as an exam or summative assessment. The final summative assessment to show the trainee has successfully completed training is the final Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP).

You will be supported by your educational supervisors, training programme directors and the postgraduate department to understand the requirements for ARCP and provided with guidance on how to prepare for this.


The trainee is responsible for keeping a portfolio and we ask the trainee to use the Royal College of » Psychiatrists Portfolio Online to record his or her progress.

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